Viceré (2010, 750ml)

90% Sangiovese, 10% Colorino
Sustainable, Organic
IGT Toscana
Red, Dry
Additional Designations:
Single Vineyard, Old Vines, Rare & Limited


From Vine Farmer:

Vine Farmer is proud to have introduced the wines of Giuseppe Mongelli and his Gimonda farm to the USA. Giuseppe's wines have a cult following locally and in certain EU markets and are a reminder of the meaningful quality and character coming from of the "other" Tuscany. The Tuscany where farmers know each of their vines and have dirt under their fingernails, where the wines are fine and thrilling in a uniquely Tuscan way. Wines like Giuseppe's get sopped up quicker each year by the growing chorus of people who are curious to experience something more meaningful and who have become disillusioned by the grand shows put on by revered Tuscan estates, where one gets the feel that its more about the brand and less about the wine.

Additional Information From Vine Farmer About Gimonda

The Wine - The Viceré vineyard is shallower and more arid than the Buscheto vineyard. It also receives more hours of sunlight and has more direct cooling air from the ocean. These factors combine to create a wine of greater depth, potency and broadness than Buscheto. In contrast to more modern expressions of Sangiovese that flaunt rich fruit and a fatter structure, Viceré never loses poise or classicism, even in warmer vintages. The finest vintages have slightly exotic floral aromas and fruit that develops an edge of lead and iron with age - somewhat evoking left bank Bordeaux. Viceré is one of those wines that has something in its character that can only be achieved when the right grape is married to the right land. Call it a natural beauty and melding together of components that just "is" and is never forced. While frequently exciting young, it is more of a textural experience for the palate at that time, with a solid and chiseled structure.

Giuseppe uniquely releases each vintage as it starts to enter a window of enjoyment for some palates. This release plan can range from 5-12 year post vintage. With every bottle, one can be sure that it was released with the full "seal of approval" from Giuseppe and not released simply due to commercial pressures. In short, Viceré is a wine made by a true artist and fit for the darkest corner of the cellar. It will truly pay dividends to those willing to wait.

April 2020 Check In - An excellent expression of Viceré and of the vintage. The linear refinement and poise of the 2010 vintage is so apparent. The details of the wine are so finely etched in comparison to the broader, expressive strokes of 2007 (and 2012, to an extent). One of those wines with intoxicating aromatics where all components have just come together to reveal something beautiful. The power and structure of Viceré is of course present, but the overall impression is one of great refinement.