Flat rate shipping options for Massachusetts are outlined below. Through third party shipping, we can arrange for wine to be delivered to you in most states after the sale is completed. As noted on the checkout page, we will reach out with options once an order is placed.

Some orders to specific areas in Massachusetts may be eligible for free 1-2 business day hand delivery - when applicable, you will receive a notification at checkout.

With every order, we are happy to hold the wine for pickup during normal business hours (Monday - Saturday, 11:00am - 6:00pm). During the summer months, we are also happy to hold wine until the weather is better suited to wine shipping.

Please reach out to us via our Connect page to discuss more detailed questions.


MA Flat Shipping Rates:

1-6 bottles: $20

7-12 bottles: $25

13-18 bottles: $45

19-24 bottles: $50

25-30 bottles: $70

31-36 bottles: $75

37-42 bottles: $95

43-48 bottles: $100