Rosso Se... (2016, 750ml)

100% Rossese
Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic
Terrazze dell' Imperiese Rosso IGT
Dry, Red
Additional Designations:
Single Vineyard, Rare & Limited


From Vine Farmer:

Aris Blancardi’s Selvadolce farm is endowed with breathtaking coastal vines: overlooking the sea and marked by the fierce Mistral winds that also define the Rhone Valley and nearby Provence. Seeing Selvadolce, smelling the complex mélange of plants and life mixed with a kiss of the sea and winds from the mountains, it all makes sense. This is complex land.

The reuslts at Selvadolce turn almost all popular wisdom about "natural" and "conventional" wines upside down. The wines are routinely opened days before tasting with no oxidation. They never re-ferment in bottle despite sometimes having residual sugar and no added sulfites. This is in sharp contrast to the mass of “natural” wines that barely make it to the next town with any vitality.

The secret is patience and not coercing the wines in any way. Wines are fermented and aged in old oak, on the fine lees, for as long as is needed – if a fermentation takes 3 years to finish, so be it. Aris explains that natural stability is always achieved when the wines are given the time and latitude to determine their own path. Paolo Bea and Nikolaihof in Austria achieve parallel results using similar methods.

For me, I cannot recall ever tasting such beautiful white wines with almost no fruit aromas. The aromas are of the land - rocks, salt, herbs, flowers - and perhaps some fruit. It simply works; the wines have soaring aromatics that pull the drinker in closer with each smell. A bottle here and there is typically all that can be found as most are snapped up quickly upon release by those in the know. Each bottle bears the number produced that vintage; a clear reminder that nature is in charge.

Additional Information From Vine Farmer About Selvadolce

The Wine -Rosso...Se means "Red...If", a reference to the bureaucratic analysis wines undergo to be labeled under an official appellation. Rosso...Se could be labeled as a Rossese di Dolceacqua, but Aris no longer submits his wine for approval after he was told in the early 2000's to adjust the acid profile of that vintage to call it "Rossese di Dolceacqua". His Rossese is honest to his piece of land and the climatic conditions of the year. For us, this is a powerful expression of Rossese with a dark, yet never overripe, edge to it. Herbs and underbrush compliment wild cherry and blackberry aromas.

The vineyard elevation is 600 meters, a good deal higher than most of the Rossese di Dolceqcqua appellation landholdings. We do believe this contributes to the power and wide foundation to the wine. If the Rossese wines of E Prie di Anfosso Lorenzo are akin to elegant, transparent Burgundy, this is more akin to the sturdier, yet no less beautiful, style of Burgundy from years past.

June 2020 Check In - The 2016 is certainly young yet offers much pleasure now. Its concentrated and powerful, yet it all Rossese, sporting a translucent color and wild cherry and wet earth aromatics. The alcohol level is surprisingly a modest 13%. The nose is shy and understated; slowly wafting from the glass. Even so, there is a certain strut to the wine, a shy confidence that builds with time. This wine doesn't need to impress anyone. It’s somewhat hard to describe overall, an original and whole expression that likely appeals most to traditionalists. By day 3, there is no oxidationI'm interested to see where this wine goes in 10-15 years. Hold.