Dolcetto d'Alba Ronchella (2016, 750ml)

100% Dolcetto
Sustainable, Organic
Dolcetto d'Alba DOC
Dry, Red
Additional Designations:
Single Vineyard, Old Vines


From Vine Farmer:

Vine Farmer is proud to have introduced the wines of Lano Gianluigi to the USA. We taste and visit with many producers in the Langhe and typically ask them what they like to drink and what other growers they respect. Lano Gianluigi has come up many times - for truly farming the right way and for the fact that his wines are recognized as true wines of terroir; long aging and typically vin de garde in style. Perhaps telling, we find that the better known nationally imported producers are referred to much less often during these conversations, save for a few truly legendary ones.

The Barbaresco Rocche Massalupo is for the true Barberesco connoisseur - as sculpted and precise as a steel beam - with the solidness to match. There is a regal restraint that is something to marvel at in youth and truly engage with as the develops with age. It’s difficult to consistently have wines throughout the range of such striking structure in medium bodied, precise frames. The consistency of Lano is truly on par with more famous, elite Barbaresco producers.

Additional Information From Vine Farmer About Lano Gianluigi

The Wine - Ronchella is limited production Dolcetto from a single vineyard with old vines, receiving the same attention and treatment in the vineyard and cellar that the Barbaresco receives. Medium body, powdery tannin and mouthwatering fruit are well delineated without ever having superficial sheen. Ronchella has surprising juiciness and fresh fruit intensity, making it a great choice to drink in youth. Although not having the regal nature of the Nebbiolo based bottles, Ronchella is a complete and structure driven Dolcetto with great symmetry that can still age for a number of years - a product of excellent farming and simple cellar practices.

March 2020 Check In - A complete wine with all components harmoniously integrated into a cohesive whole. There is excellent youthful intensity to the cool blue and red fruit and I'm really enjoying the refinement that the 2016 growing season brings to the wine. There is a pleasant mouthwatering quality to the wine and the color is intensely purple, as expected for this variety. Although Dolcetto offers a more upfront and simple style than Nebbiolo based wines, this is a great dinner companion and held up really nicely to a hearty dish that was enjoyed with it. I find this to still be more refined and serious than most other Dolcetto bottles I've had in the last few years.