Cuccuvaia (2009, 1500ml)

100% Sangiovese Grosso
Sustainable, Organic
IGT Toscana Sangiovese
Red, Dry
Additional Designations:
Magnum, Rare & Limited


From Vine Farmer:

The inimitable wines of Stavros Stoukas and his San Gabriele Arcangelo estate are rugged and wild: speaking of the arid earth from which they were born, and of something singularly beautiful. Stavros is a proud maverick, conjuring intellectual and thought provoking wines from the land like few others do, pulling in those willing to explore. Never attending fairs such as VinItaly, bottling all wine as Sangiovese based Super Tuscans and only releasing wines when they are ready has made Stavros a bit of a figure in Montecucco and abroad. These are real wines from a real artist; as authentically Tuscan as it gets.

Additional Information From Vine Farmer About San Gabriele Arcangelo

The Wine - The finest wine of the estate (meaning owl), only made in years deemed worthy of the "Cuccuvaia" character. As with many of the most pedigreed bottles in the old world, Cuccuvaia is more elegant and less powerful than its stablemate, Pavone. The power expressed in Pavone is supplemented with nuance and refinement; a wine of quieter confidence and sometimes mysterious character. This is a wine that slows down time and invites contemplation. Cuccuvaia is typically released 5-10 years after the vintage, providing much pleasure then while also rewarding further aging. One typically finds mint, medicinal cherry, dried herbs and cool earth radiating from the glass over an extended period. The finish is long and penetrating. This wine best expresses Stavros and the terroir of San Gabriele Arcangelo.