Chianti (2016, 750ml)

100% Sangiovese
Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic
Chianti DOCG
Dry, Red
Additional Designations:
No Added Sulfites


From Vine Farmer:

La Ginestra is a 100% worker owned and managed Tuscan farm with over 130 hectares of land, producing honey, meat, olive oil and pasta from local, heritage grains. The shared goal of the team is to preserve and renew the traditions of the Italian countryside. 

Winemaker and part owner Dario Nocci has a technical winemaking education and spent a number of years working in Australia. Upon returning home, he intended to make wine entirely by feel, using his formal education in a passive manner. In short, he desired to make wine of feel without being ignorant of the complex processes taking place.

In the cellar, stainless steel, inox or amphora are employed for fermentation and aging. La Ginestra works only with naturally occurring sulfites. These wines fit the current “popular” definition of natural wine yet cannot be so easily defined - most "natural" wines (using the strictest popular definition) are simple and easy, if also "correct". La Ginestra's wines can be light and joyous or a bit more serious, yet all have presence married to soaring aromatics. 

We are happy to represent these unique and engaging wines that push boundaries and challenge norms.

Additional Information From Vine Farmer About La Ginestra

The Wine - A truly excellent vintage and such a particularly vibrant wine due to no added sulfites. This wine is made from 100% Sangiovese and is fermented with native yeast in stainless steel, where it also ages for a relatively short period of time. Ripe red fruit and a savory element frame this unique and boundary-pushing red. Medium body and a fresh, joyous feel make this an excellent wine right off the cork pull. The ripeness level is masterfully judged; it's a particularly great selection for enjoying on the patio.

March 2020 Check In - A fun wine upon opening that needs no decant. Equally enjoyable on its own or alongside decently hearty food such as pasta with tomato sauce. A wine for someone looking for something that nicely straddles serious and friendly. A great introduction to La Ginestra.