Barbaresco Rocche Massalupo (2013, 750ml)

100% Nebbiolo
Sustainable, Organic
Barbaresco DOCG
Dry, Red
Additional Designations:
Single Vineyard, Old Vines


From Vine Farmer:

Vine Farmer is proud to have introduced the wines of Lano Gianluigi to the USA. We taste and visit with many producers in the Langhe and typically ask them what they like to drink and what other growers they respect. Lano Gianluigi has come up many times - for truly farming the right way and for the fact that his wines are recognized as true wines of terroir; long aging and typically vin de garde in style. Perhaps telling, we find that the better known nationally imported producers are referred to much less often during these conversations, save for a few truly legendary ones.

The Barbaresco Rocche Massalupo is for the true Barberesco connoisseur - as sculpted and precise as a steel beam - with the solidness to match. There is a regal restraint that is something to marvel at in youth and truly engage with as the develops with age. It’s difficult to consistently have wines throughout the range of such striking structure in medium bodied, precise frames. The consistency of Lano is truly on par with more famous, elite Barbaresco producers.

Additional Information From Vine Farmer About Lano Gianluigi

The Wine - Lano's most exciting wine; one of great class and intensity. All the elements that make Nebbiolo such a compelling and intellectual varietal are on full display. A nose that shimmers with hints of fruit, rose, licorice and earth. A similarity to the Langhe Nebbiolo can be felt, but this wine is deeper, longer, more aromatic, and more regal.

The cool red fruit and licorice aspects speak to a vineyard site tending mostly clay, as Rocche Massalupo does. With age, youthful exuberance and fruit gives way to site specific nuance and elegance. The site also tends to the Barolo side of the Barbaresco zone, farther away from the Tanaro river; we believe contributing to a profile in youth that can be evocative, in some ways, of Barolo. However, with age, we routinely find wild strawberry fruit, that for us firmly points back to Barbaresco.

April 2020 Check In - Perhaps the finest wine I've tasted from Lano, this is just so pretty. The structure is there, but where this wine was closed down about 6 months ago, it's not much more relaxed and engaging. As I drink it, I imagine a rose with the brightest magenta petals slowly opening and falling. It's almost as if they have the vibrancy of a watercolor with the precision and finer nature of another medium. There is so much vitality and pretty evolution as this wine sits open for a few minutes. This shows the deeply pretty and structured side of Nebbiolo. Elegance through structure, perhaps, one of the many paradoxical games that excellent wine plays with us. Drink or hold for many years.