Aphrodite (2018, 750ml)

100% Riesling
Sustainable, Organic
White, Residual Sugar


From Vine Farmer:

In 2013, Michi Weber and his brother partnered to reclaim underutilized family vineyards in the Saar. No stranger to wine, Michi is formerly the managing director of production at the acclaimed Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt estate. Weber Brüder was founded with the goal of creating true Saar wines through farming in a more natural and sustainable way than is common throughout Germany. This way of farming helps to foster cellar practices such as spontaneous fermentation.

Decisions are made by feel but never ignorance, as Michi’s formal education and experience is always close by. Goats naturally tending the vineyards lead an intuitive yet uncommon approach that yields wine of great pleasure, authenticity, and soul. We find these wines show a denser, linear side to Riesling that is truly Saar in style. In recent years, Weber Brüder has been receiving acclaim and notoriety in Germany. We are proud to be the first to introduce the wines of Weber Brüder to the USA.

Additional Information From Vine Farmer About Weber Brüder

May 2020 Check In - Such a delightful, lightly sweet Riesling that is never cloying. So much fun to drink. I typically chill sweeter Riesling bottles down a bit, however, I found this wine to be delicious at cellar temperature. It had a great balance between expressiveness, complexity and downright deliciousness that begged for another sip. Showing the weightier, denser side of Saar Riesling, as opposed to floating across the palate, it shows shades of being a fairly serious wine and will hold well for at least 5 years, if not longer. Of the entire Weber Brüder range, this is my choice for pure enjoyment today.