About the Importer

We're wine lovers, we’re wine geeks, constantly searching for wines filled with great passion, excitement, and originality. We find wine, joyfully and thankfully, to be intensely personal: we’re always chasing that next haunting experience imprinted in memory when a bottle achieves something greater than the sum of its parts.

We import wine with soul. Fine wine from dedicated stewards of the land who respect and listen to it; championing the singularity that location and vintage conditions bring to wine. They obsess over detail that is lost in larger commercial operations and make farming decisions to ensure that the land is there for the next generation, as was done for them. Some growers are labeled "Biodynamic" or "Organic", but they work with much deeper care and conviction than these simple labels communicate. Their cellar decisions tend to be simple yet precise, often reflecting generations of known wisdom, out of respect for what their land made and to stand behind an honest and soulful expression of it. 

The Mosel producer leaving residual sugar in one wine but vinifying another dry because that is how each respective vineyard - or the vintage conditions - best express balance, is the kind of thing that excites us. It indicates an earthly element and methodology to decision making beyond intended style. It more closely follows a line of thinking that nature will produce wine that is naturally pleasing when the winemaker is in tune to these nuances.

These wines may be quietly elegant, inward and poised or expressively confident, but each is a faithful reflection of its origins and the person(s) that knows it’s an honest interpretation of their land, culture, and vintage.

These concepts are important to us and are ideas that we humbly champion. We're of course excited to share these wines, their stories and the people (artists) behind them, to those who are curious. The final culmination of these efforts – when somebody(s) opens the wine – and finds it’s every bit as much of an experience as it is a glass of wine.

All writing, content and pictures are our own (including what was used for this web site) and we only work with wines that we import ourselves, from grower partners whom we have personal relationships with. Our vision is for Vine Farmer to be a nationally recognized brand. A clear indicator of the meaning of each bottle, whether expressed in an import, wholesale or retail capacity. 

Today, we primarily import and self-wholesale to restaurants and fine wine shops in Massachusetts. 

Each wine available here has limited United States availability, with some bottles new to the entire country and available nowhere else. We're excited to share these wines, their stories and the people behind them, to those who are curious. 

In short, Vine Farmer is an adventure to build something meaningful, something exciting, and lasting, for partners, consumers, and fellow adventurers.

                                                                                                               - Jace